Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacation in Dallas

Six Flags over Texas won over the boys. Scott and I are theme park fanatics! We have been by ourselves before, so we wanted to share our love of thrill rides with our kids! Nick was a little leary at first and finally wanted to ride Tony Hawks Big Spin, he changed his mind just as we started! TOO LATE!! Alex loved all the rides! And he was tall enough to actually enjoy all of them! He and I rode the SuperMan Tower and he really didn't expect that! He and Scott rode all the roller coasters, even the loopy ones! It was such a fun day with Alex and Nick!!

We went to Midevil Times in Dallas Saturday night. The boys Nanny and Poppy also went with us! It was so much fun! The boys loved eating with their hands! It was an action packed evening with sword fighting, a paragon falcon, and a story line that is impossible to keep up with! It was such a neat thing to be able to take the boys to,Mason also thought it was pretty cool!!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great trip! I remember taking vacations as a kid-hope to be able to give my children lots of memories from vacations in the future!