Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Nick is my middle child. He is such a loving, caring person. I can not believe that he is starting Kindergarden in just a few weeks. He has grown up so fast! He is adventurous, sporty, and so very smart. He loves to play soccer, tball, and basketball. He wants to play every sport there is. too bad there is not enough time to do it all. I am so proud of Nick, he has become such a wonderful little guy! I am so excited to watch him learn and make new friends this year! Can't wait to see what is in store for my special little guy!

Bath Time

Mason loves the bath tub!! He always wants bath tablets in to change the color of the water. Then of course you have to turn the jets on and add bubbles..and he is in heaven! He is so funny to watch. He splishes and splahes all over the place, we have a big tub so to him it is a super warm swimming pool! I just wish the tub was big enough for me to swim in!! The joys of being a kid!!

Katie and her baby

My friend and neighbor Christy finally had her baby. These pictures were taken about a week before baby Robby made his entrance. Katie is really into baby dolls right now, and what better practice to take care of her little baby brother? Katie was so sweet to watch with her little baby. She was taking such good care of him! Congratulations again Christy!!

more soccer

Mason absolutely loves soccer! Which Scott and I are super happy, sice we coach Nick also! It is a chance for Mason to get out of the house and play with other kids his age, and to start developing gross motor skills! This kid can really dribble the ball across the field......he is pretty amazing!

Nanny and Poppy

Mason does not get to see his Nanny and Poppy very often at all, so when they do happen to drop by for a few hours he takes advantage of it! You can see that they are both entertained here! Mason loves his Poppy and always asks about him and wants to call him. Too bad they live 6 hours away and we don't get to visit often. Mason is the last little boy to carry on the Vines name, so he is extra special!!

Swimming at Nana and Papa's

My parents have a super nice in ground pool. They put it in when Alex was a baby, so all of the boys have been able to enjoy it. It is heated also, so it does not have to be warm outside at all to go swimming! Alex and Nick love to swim!! They are learning to dive and do flips now so they are always wanting to go and swim! Mason is not the swimmer yet that his brothers are. He likes to walk around and throw whatever he can into the pool! So you better keep your shoes on the other side of the fence!! We are lucky to have a pool top swim in any time we want!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

7/15/09 Lightning

My husband loves storms and lightning...until they get to close and then heads inside! We sat out on the back porch for at least an hour watching the lightning in the sky! I was able to get a couple pics of it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ripley is Scott's dog. He has had him for years! When he sold his house while we were building our new home Ripley had to move out to my parents house. He loves it out there where he gets to run, chase animals, and play in the ponds! He always knows when Scott comes over and runs right up to him. He plays in the pool with Scott and the boys everytime we are out there. He is so mellow now, 5 years later, which is just the opposite of what he was when he moved out there. Maybe some day Ripley will come and live with us!

Flippin' crazy!!

We went out to my parents house last weekend and swam all day long! The boys loved it! They have been trying to learn how to dive for a few years now and they finally picked it up a little. Then Alex and Nick started talking to Scott about front flips! So he showed them how a few times and they picked it up very quick! That is all that they wanted to do! I am very proud of my little flippers!!!


We were outside one evening and Mason just went on into the garage and grabbed a fishing pole and started heading down the side walk to the pond, like he was on a mission to catch some fish!
It was so cute that I had to go and grab my camera and take some pics! As you can see he didn't make it far before the pole made him mad and he canceled his trip!!

Little Dare Devil

Mason has finally figured out how to steer his 4 wheeler, although he chooses to ride the neighbors more than his own. He has also recently figured out how much "fun" it is to ride down the curb! This kid is crazy and has no fear!!


Mason is my silly little boy! He is full of expression. He is happy and full of life. He loves to have his picture taken, which is great for me! You really never know what you are going to get with my little boy!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In May I decided to become a consultant for Thirty-One! It is not too common in Oklahoma, so I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to be my own boss! It is nice to have several hundred dollars in extra income a month! I go to ladies homes and do a presentation of Thirty-One products! It is such a fun job and I get to meet alot of great gals!
Every month there is a new special for hostesses and customers! There is definatly something for everyone in one of our catalogs! We have a teen line as well as a childrens line.
I am so excited to see what the future brings me with Thirty-One.
If you are ever interested in hosting a show, placing an order, or even to make this your "job". Please do not hesitate to contact me!!!

Play Date

Shannon had a play date at her house last month and the kids had a blast! She had a pool, slip and slide and a baby pool out for all of the kids to play with. I think there were 16-18 kids there that day, with half the moms! Most of our kids are around the same age, just seperated by months or just a year! Hopefully they will all grow up and be great friends! Here are Melissa's little girls, Maddy and Abby! Are they not some of the cutest little girls ever!

Andy and Mason

Andy and Mason are next door neighbors and friends...kinda, as much as 2 kids this age can be friends! Mason is 4 months to the day older than Andy. Some day I have a feeling that these boys will be into trouble everywhere! I am glad that Mason has some kids to play with! We are lucky to have such great neighbors!

First Sleep Over!!

Alex had his best bud Jacob over to stay the night! This was a huge deal for us because it was the first time we have had a friend over to stay the night! All 3 boys played nerf guns for along time and then they all had snacks, showers, and watched some movies! Alex passed out on Jacob at 10:30! They had a blast and it was a great first sleep over, I am sure there will be many many more to come!!

Friends and Fireworks!

This was on a Monday night, when Alex and Nick were just starting their week back here for the summer! Jacob and his parents Mark and Sheri walked down to our house to say hi! All the kids....and some adults...not naming names....ended up going through a whole case of snaps....that were in the back of my van. Needless to say all the kids had a blast! We live in such a fun cul de sac where there are tons of kids and they all get along...for the most part! We had some extra fireworks and smoke bombs also so the kids had fun with those also!

I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM

Mason loves ice cream or popsicles! Tuck and Tina gave him a drumstick one night, luckily on their back porch!! He was a total mess after and during eating it! It was very funny to watch him savor every last drop!!

Putt and Jump

So on this particular afternoon we were looking for something for the boys to do. It was a super hot day and they needed to burn off some energy! We took them to the Putt and Jump here in town and it was an Open House Day, so they were able to enjoy the whole facility....for a fraction of the cost! It was great! Alex and Nick loved racing through the obstacle course. The putt putt here is so neat! It is all pained in black light paint! So everything is neon! Needless to say the boys had a blast! Well, Scott and I did also!!

Wooward Park+105 degree heat+pictures+= what you see!

So my friend Sara started her own graphic design/photography buisness. http://belleclairedesigns.com/ She posted on her facebook site that she was looking for someone to do a maternity session for her. Since someone in our cul de sac is always pregnant, it was easy for me to volunteer Christy! I tagged along on this dreadfully hot day and just for fun, I took some pics also! Here are some pics of her adorable little girl Katie, who will have a baby brother in the next few days!!

Hayley is my neighbor! She is fun and silly! I also voluntered her to Sara for some Senior pics, which I also followed along for! She did great!


What can I say about Alex? He is my oldest son. Hard to believe he is going into 2nd grade in just a matter of weeks! He has grown up so fast. He is so smart, I mean really smart ( I have seen his IQ test)! He has a HUGE heart. Anyone that meets him, falls in love with him. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful son. I can't wait to watch him grow up and be an amazing person!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Mason started playing soccer!! Soccer City in Tulsa has a program for 18-24 month old kids. It runs 7 weeks! Mason has been a few times and he loves it! It is so funny to watch all of the kids run around and play. They kick balls, red light green light, bubbles, parachute, and build cone towers! I think the cones were Mason's favorite! We are for sure starting him early, but he loves it! Hopefully he will have a love for soccer just like his big brother Nick!

I have some water loving boys here! We always have a pool blown up and they practically live in swimming trunks! They have the perfect golden tans! I love summer time and watching them run and jump and play in the pool! Mason loves it just as much as Alex and Nick! I am so glad that my boys are not scared of the water!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last Day of 4 year old program

Nick went to the 4 year old program this last school year! I was kinda leery about it at first because it was supposed to be in one place and then at the last minute the Owasso School District took it over. Nick went in the afternoon. We sure did enjoy hanging out together in the mornings! His teachers were Mrs. Barr and Mrs. Batterton! They were truly amazing! Nick learned so much this year, made alot of friends, and had alot of fun! I can't believe he is on his way to Kindergarten!!

Mason's New Ride

Mason has been needing some new big boy toys for quite some time. So Scott and I went looking and found this! We thought he would have so much fun on it! We were slightly wrong! He rode it for a few minutes and then he just pushed it around! Hopefully he will get the hang of it and enjoy it more and more!

Boys and MUD

I am not quite sure what is so appealing about mud! It is gross, slimy, grimy, and smelly. But for some reason Mason loves it! I walked outside one day and Scott told me to grab my camera, which is rare because he says I live behind it! And this is what I found! Mason splashing in a mud puddle in my flower bed! At least he had a good time before his shoes went into the washer!!


Nick played T-Ball in Dewey this year for Water Works Pressure Washing. The team did so well and won all but 2 games the whole season! This was Nick's first year to play. He played short stop. I loved watching Nick play. He always had a smile on his face. He is a natural at any sport that he plays. He actually made a HOME RUN during one of his games! We are so proud of our little ball player! We can't wait to watch him grow into an amazing athlete.

I finally gathered up all the boys and somehow got them to agree to get Family pictures taken! This is normally impossible. Adding to that this was the weekend in March when we got the heavy random snow, so dragging my poor children away from the snow to take pictures was torturous!! But we got some good pics and I was very happy!!

Water Fight

We are so lucky to live in a cul de sac with such wonderful neighbors! All of our kids play all the time! We are always in someones yard playing in the water! On this particular day Alex, Nick, and Emma decided to have a water fight! It is so much fun watching all the kids grow up together and be such good friends!

Vacation in Dallas

Six Flags over Texas won over the boys. Scott and I are theme park fanatics! We have been by ourselves before, so we wanted to share our love of thrill rides with our kids! Nick was a little leary at first and finally wanted to ride Tony Hawks Big Spin, he changed his mind just as we started! TOO LATE!! Alex loved all the rides! And he was tall enough to actually enjoy all of them! He and I rode the SuperMan Tower and he really didn't expect that! He and Scott rode all the roller coasters, even the loopy ones! It was such a fun day with Alex and Nick!!

We went to Midevil Times in Dallas Saturday night. The boys Nanny and Poppy also went with us! It was so much fun! The boys loved eating with their hands! It was an action packed evening with sword fighting, a paragon falcon, and a story line that is impossible to keep up with! It was such a neat thing to be able to take the boys to,Mason also thought it was pretty cool!!