Monday, November 30, 2009


Scott's sister, Staci had a baby boy last January. This is the first time that we have been able to spend a long period of time with him. He is smily and happy!! Mason loved watching out for his little baby cousin!

Mason woke up to snow! He was so excited and ready to go and play!!

WOW, it snowed a lot!! What a fun surprise!!!

Daddy showing Mason how to play in the snow, and make snowmen!!

Finished product!! We are defiantly ready for some snow here in Oklahoma!!

Turkey in Texas

What a sweet face I captured on the patio! Good thing I always have my camera handy!!

Mason found some Lincoln Logs and had fun playing with them, until he started throwing them! Crazy Kid!!

His cousin Ally brought a snow globe over. I think it is the first one that Mason has seen! He thought it was pretty neat! Thanks for sharing Ally!!
We drove down to Amarillo to Scott's parents house for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Mason loves his Poppy and was so happy to spend some quality time with him. He ran around, became obsessed with Santa, Christmas lights, and snowmen while we were there! What a fun trip for Mason! It even snowed while we were there!!

Christmas Lights

Alex is getting older now and he really wanted to help Scott put up the Christmas lights! We gave it a try and he did great! It sure is nice having an extra set of hands when you are up and down a ladder! He did such a good job! Stay tuned for pictures of the finished product!!

I ♥ faces

This week I♥ faces weekly contest is so adorable that I couldn't help entering!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

he did it!!!

Alex shot his very first deer last night while he was at his dads. It was a 4 point buck that weighed 84 pounds! If you can't tell from the HUGE smile on his face, he is sooooo excited!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

The Kindergartners had their Thanksgiving Feast today. Scott and I loved to watch him sing and act out a cute little skit. His class did such a good job!

Look how cute his is in his Indian vest and hat! He did such a great job making it! After each class sang or recited a poem, we all made our way into the cafeteria to have a "feast". The kids enjoyed cheese, turkey, popcorn, and cookies! They were also able to leave school an hour early, so that was extra special!! :)

cheese face

Picnik collage3

Saying that Mason loves Cheetos is a major under statement! He LOVES them A LOT!!!!


Picnik collage5

Alex is growing up so fast! He is becoming more mature and responsible and I am thoroughly enjoying  him. He is so smart and bright. He is doing so well in school and is making straight A’s. He recently passed his Hunter Safety Course which is pretty amazing because it is an 8 hour class with a long test after. It is suggested to take it at 8 years old, and then it is tough to pass. But Alex did it! He is starting to hunt and is very excited about this deer season!


Picnik collage2

Mason is so interested in everything that his big brothers are doing. We have been coloring a lot lately and Mason is getting the hang of it. He has slowly but surely come to the realization that crayons are not food. I think he is also going to be right handed! Alex and Nick are both lefties! So it will be interesting to see which hand he chooses. I have some pretty creative boys around here!

tractors and dirt…..

Picnik collage1

Mason loves to play outside and in the dirt! Any chance he can get he is all for it! I love to watch him learn and figure things out! I am so lucky to have such cute boys that are so much fun! Who cares that I may have a lot more laundry to do than most!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Picnik collage4

Nick finally had his friend over to play after school! They met last year playing soccer and also went to the 4 year old program together. They go to the same school, but are not in the same class! They are still great friends and his mom and I try to get them together as much as we can.

It is so much fun to watch the boys develop friendships that have the potential to be life long friends. Such a neat time in their lives!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

maybe they do like each other….


Luckily enough I had my cell phone with me to capture this crazy moment! I walked into Alex’s room this morning to wake him up, and he was reading a book, and I didn’t have to make him do it! AND Nick had wandered in there at some point and was up there with him and Alex was reading to him….out loud!

If that isn’t enough to make me smile ALL day long, Alex said to me, “ Mom I stayed up and read this whole book last night, and still got a great nights sleep”. Remember this is my child who hates to read!! Maybe,  just maybe I have me a little reader on my hands!! Or it could be the Magic Tree House book! Man, I need to get him some more of those!!

I am a happy momma this morning!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caramel Apples


So, Nick and I decided to make caramel apples one evening. He had never had one before! I know, I know, he is so deprived! So I pulled out the apples and we got busy!


I discovered the greatest thing ever this year!!!!


How cool are these!? You do not even have to un-wrap all of those caramel packets, ( and end up eating most of them)! So they melt a lot easier also. Love to find these neat little things that make life easier!


Poor them in and start heating them up, it really helps to have such a cute little helper!! :)



It looks a little like Pork N Beans for a while, until they are good and melty! Don’t let it discourage you!


See yummy, smooth, melty goodness!!! Almost makes you want to lick the spoon, ( which is highly frowned upon here). HA yeah right!


Start dippin’ ! Nick had a great time helping me! I love to have little eager helpers in the kitchen, sometimes!


So good! They are not perfect by any means, but I think they turned out pretty amazing!!



Ta-Da!! Thanks for such a fun time Nick, love you buddy!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Scott and I coached Nick’s soccer team this year! I had so much fun with the team last year that I just had to do it again! This season we moved up to U6, so we were actually on teams and played real games!

We had a great group of guys and were so proud of how hard they worked! They were all so eager to learn and have fun!


This was after we handed out trophies! They were so proud to get them!! We were just as proud of them! Do you know how hard it is to get 5 little busy boys to pose for a picture?? Nearly impossible!

Our team actually did very well this season! We played 10 games and we WON 8!! How exciting is that!! All of the boys scored goals in games and worked so hard!!! We are going to miss seeing these guys 3X a week for the winter! We will be back in the Spring and better than ever!! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Random thoughts

Making :  Mason laugh                                                                             Cooking : Made pancakes earlier!
Drinking : Coke
Reading: Tempted on my Sony Reader
Wanting: a vacation
Looking: at blogs
Playing: with my little guy
Wasting: time!
Sewing: ha, haven’t attempted anything in a year!
Enjoying: my family
Waiting: for the holidays!! My favorite time of year!
Liking: the weather
Wondering: what the future holds
Loving: my life
Hoping: for my kids to make it through flu season!
Marveling: at my children! They are amazing!
Smelling: Nothing!
Wearing: Comfy clothes
Following:my heart
Noticing: I need to make my bed
Knowing: That my family is wonderful!
Thinking: That I need to get away from the computer
Feeling: like a cup of coffee will do the trick
Bookmarking: nothing yet
Opening: emails
Giggling: at Mason, he is soooo funny!
Feeling: Loved