Monday, November 9, 2009

Random thoughts

Making :  Mason laugh                                                                             Cooking : Made pancakes earlier!
Drinking : Coke
Reading: Tempted on my Sony Reader
Wanting: a vacation
Looking: at blogs
Playing: with my little guy
Wasting: time!
Sewing: ha, haven’t attempted anything in a year!
Enjoying: my family
Waiting: for the holidays!! My favorite time of year!
Liking: the weather
Wondering: what the future holds
Loving: my life
Hoping: for my kids to make it through flu season!
Marveling: at my children! They are amazing!
Smelling: Nothing!
Wearing: Comfy clothes
Following:my heart
Noticing: I need to make my bed
Knowing: That my family is wonderful!
Thinking: That I need to get away from the computer
Feeling: like a cup of coffee will do the trick
Bookmarking: nothing yet
Opening: emails
Giggling: at Mason, he is soooo funny!
Feeling: Loved


  1. Very creative Amanda! I especially love the ones about waiting for the holidays and wearing comfy clothes!

  2. Me too! I love comfy clothes!!