Monday, September 21, 2009

Mason and his bike

Mason loves to ride! He is doing so good learning how to ride his bike! Although most of the time he just pushes it around.
I can't believe he is 2! Time has gone by so fast! He amazes me everyday!
Here is what Mason is up to now!
-He can climb anything! He climbs onto the counters by using the drawer pulls as a ladder!
-He repeats everything you say! Then at some random time he will make a statement using those words!
-He sleeps in a toddler bed and has since his birthday! No problems at all!!!!!
-He is trying to learn to use the potty!!! So exciting for me!
-He LOVES to be outside!
-Mason adores his big brothers! He misses them when they are gone on the weekends, and is so excited for them to come home! He tries to do everything they do!
-Mason can catch a ball! He loves to play ball! He is also quite the soccer player!
-His FAVORITE show is Backyardigans! He is obsessed with them! Especially Pablo!
-He really likes motorcycles! He calls them "cycles".
Mason is a special little guy who is full of life! He makes friends everywhere he goes and definitely gets attention from everyone! He has the funniest facial expressions and makes me laugh everyday!

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  1. What a big boy! Maybe he can give Andy some lessons!