Monday, October 26, 2009

Harvest Festival


Saturday afternoon I took Alex, Nick, and Jacob to the Harvest Festival here in town. It was great fun for the boys. They had inflatable's, face painting, a maze and hay rides! The weather was perfect for the outdoor festival.

We had to take a shuttle bus to the park where it was held. It has been many many years since I have been on a school bus! What a weird feeling! My kids love to ride on the bus, because we live so close to their school that I drive them, ride bikes, or walk. Little do they know when high school rolls around they will not be so excited about riding the bus!

Picnik collage

Picnik collage2 Picnik collage4 Picnik collage3

The boys love the inflatable’s!! They could have spent the whole day on these! As you can see, Alex likes to “ski” down the slide, which isn’t always the safest way down!Picnik collage5 Picnik collage7 Picnik collage6

All 3 boys chose Jack-o-lanterns to have pained on their faces! Alex pretty much knows the life story of the lady who painted his face, because he asked her 203,359,205 questions! But that’s Alex!!

Picnik collage8  Picnik collage13 Picnik collage9 Picnik collage10 Picnik collage11 Picnik collage12

They had tents of carnival games for all of the kids. The boys had fun fishing for candy, playing darts, shuffle board, bean bag toss, and the duck game! The prizes were candy of course!


Picnik collage15 Picnik collage14

The SWAT team had a table set up and of course my boys were all about it! They were so nice and patient with them and all of the questions that they had! I think Alex found himself a whole new career!! He is now very knowledgeable about everything that the SWAT team uses!!!


Picnik collage16

I bought all of the boys a container to fill with sand. They had 10 different colors to choose from and the boys were able to fill their containers however they chose to! They enjoyed the day!


Scott was able to meet us up there for a while! Here is is with one of his favorite boys on the bus back to the car!!

What a fun day with the boys!!

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