Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Santa arrived this year on Christmas Eve morning, because the boys were leaving that night to spend the holiday in Bartlesville. I think that Santa was pretty good to the boys this year and they got everything that was on their lists!!! :)

Mason really didn't know what to think about all of the presents! This was the first year that he was actually able to participate in un-wrapping gifts! He really liked it!

Nick got the whole Trio set for the King's Castle and all the extras that went along with it! He was excited! Thanks Nana and Papa!!
Daddy helping Mason open some new dinosaurs from Nana and Papa!!

Checking out Nick's new golf clubs from Nana and Papa!!

Wow, Santa brought Alex a real compound bow!!!

Alex's Santa gifts!

Nick's Santa gifts!

Mason's Santa gifts!

Alex's bow!

What a happy boy!

Pretty big smile on his face when he saw OSU!!

Our tree with all the gifts from my parents! They came over and we had Christmas with them later that same day. It was so nice to not have to load up all the kids and travel, especially since the weather was so terrible!! Big thanks to my parents for coming to us!!!

Mason loves to open "Santa Clause Presents"!!

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