Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Phones!!


So Scott decided it was time to upgrade his phone. He has a regular old Samsung phone. Nothing fancy! He was finally ready to get a phone with internet capability! This from a man who said he would never want to receive work emails at home!! :)

So we headed on in to Verizon to check out the new Droid.  He found one that he liked and it was my lucky day!!! They were BOGO!! We did have to add another line because only 1 of our lines was available to upgrade. So Alex will now get my LG Voyager touch screen!! I think he will be excited about that!!

We ended up getting these!!!


It is a htc Driod Eris! Love them!!! They were a bit tricky to figure out, but we stayed up last night playing with them and downloading apps and all that fun stuff.

However our joy and happiness came to an abrupt end when we realized that all of our contacts were uploaded to each others phones!! The guy put everything that was on my old phone on Scott’s new phone and vice versa!! UGH! So I will go in and have it changed back in a bit! Hopefully they will be so sorry about all of this mess and give me a cute free cover!!! Crossing fingers!!!

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