Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Question Friday

1. Would you ever vacation alone?
No, I hate being alone, I would not know what to do all by myself!!! Plus I would like to enjoy a vacation with my husband and kids!!

2. Do you go the speed limit?
Why of course I do, when my radar detector beeps at me and lets me know that I need to!! :)

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?
I think it is neat to document day to day thing in my life and with my kids! We get to busy sometimes to really reflect on life and this gives me a chance. It is also great for all of those out of town relatives to keep up!

4. Where do you shop for yourself?
Where ever my mom takes me!! Really, I just do not buy things for myself!!

5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?
Keith Urban's Making Memories of us. I loved that song and still do!!! We had the best wedding!!!

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