Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BUbbly Boys

Bath time is always an adventure..nightly...in our house! I have tried just about everything to make it easier on myself to get all 3 boys bathed in 30 minutes and hopefully have some hot water left over. When Mason was smaller I would put him in my tub and both bigger boys in the shower, all at the same time. 3 birds with one stone kind of a thing. Then realized how much water was being used between the 3 of them, plus Scott and I. So now that Mason is older, I just have the 3 boys take a bath together for now. It's messy, and someone is always mad at someone else for stealing toys! Good times!!! But hey at least we are saving water now, right!! :)


  1. We throw Emma and Andy in together too-it's SO much faster! Cute pictures!

  2. AWww... I just love bathtime pictures!

    I can NOT imagine having 3 in a tub. I can barely handle 1! LOL!